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Artist Robin Rohl

Sculpting with a passion!

Robin Rohl was born in Calgary AB and now lives in the small Hamlet of Westcott. There Robin has been inspired to expanded her artistic knowledge and creative techniques. She uses a diverse range of mediums and durable materials while creating innovative works of art. Robin's art form is unique and she strives never to limit her style. She loves tactile texture, and the visual components of her work often becomes perceptible by touch or visual feel. Robin allows for flow and movement as she is creating, and is inspired with desire to construct undefined creations from the many sourced materials she finds through her own personal journeys. Robin encourages community involvement, and has donated her time and work for many local charities and community events. She finds that her contributions have become memorable experiences. Robin also enjoys positive creating with others and loves to share her personal perspectives while she engages with her students on how to further incorporate their own personal influences into their art work. Her work has displayed in galleries and shows throughout Alberta and has had her work published as part of a collaborative art project.

Artist Statement

Art is simply an expressed production of something by its creator, but once that object has an impacted on someone, that is when there is an internal appreciation for it,  and a connection has been made!

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