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Create your Own Masterpiece

Workshops Available for all skill levels


Learn the basics with Paverpol and create your own garden sculpture in just one day!

This is a full-day workshop, we start with a wire armature and build it into a figurine using aluminum foil before dipping 100% cotton strips and squares into the paverpol, this is when your sculpture starts to take form and have character. Your creation will be ready for you to take home and the end of the day.



This is a full-day workshop and a beginner class is recommended prior to attending.

In this class you will learn more about the structural component of your sculptures, and a transparent paverpol can be used to maintain the color and patterns of fabrics. Introduction to other paverpol products are incorporated.



In a full-day advanced workshop you will create a larger more intricate style sculpture.

An Intermediate class is required to complete an advanced sculpture in the time required. Techniques and applications from a beginner and intermediate workshops are used in the advanced class.


Half Day

Half day workshops are available. Create your own custom workshop, contact for more information.


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Playful and Skillful Fun!

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